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Samsung Samsung Galaxy Note 7

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7- The Next Big Thing of 2016!

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 or Note6 had formerly indicated the first ideas of the new design language. With same design pattern Samsung Galaxy hot 7 with a fully matched design will be launched in the request. hinder with a rounded glass back and aluminum frame. Still this is suitable to make us all veritably agitated. Eventually with Samsung's Galaxy Note 7, the Korean manufacturer has used high- quality accoutrements in a phablet to enhance the figure quality. The flagship preliminarily named Note 6 has some great changes that we weren't awaiting. There will be details to design which you must pay attention. Unlike Galaxy Note 5We do not see any negotiations In the specialized department. A strong processor with four gigabytes of RAM is stuffed outside. Some news bloggers went indeed one step further by assuming on Samsung Galaxy Note 7's 16- core processor, which is supported with 8 gigabytes of memory but all these rumors are false. The camera is also getting an upgrade. According to rumors, Samsung Note 7 handset's main camera is designed to snap some fabulous photography with its 12 megapixel camera with an addition5.0 megapixel frontal camera for selfies. Samsungs Galaxy Note 7 has been veritably satisfying. A beautiful, large screen with stylish technology of the time, a phenomenal battery and not to forget, the useful stylus input. Along with Samsung Gear 6 smartwatch, Galaxy's Note 7 has a design that was placed next to the good tackle eventually. we suppose that it's an elaboration, not revolution. But in camera department we anticipated a bit more from manufacturer. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 the Next big thing is anticipated to arrive in Pakistan in September 2016 with a camera analogous to that of the S7 and the Edge interpretation Samsung Galaxy Note Seven with a 12 megapixel binary pixel bus focus' camera with a large f/1.7 orifice for superior performance in all light conditions. The handset is made to give some really tough time to the Apple iPhone 7

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